My own fault…

This weekend as many of you know was the Republican State Convention. While I had a splendid time I came away from the event with a simple regret.

During the discussion of Resolutions, of which I was on the committee, there came an argument from Perfecto Rivera related to Immigration. The resolution states in part that:

WHEREAS, current laws and their enforcement at the federal level have not succeeded in preventing the massive movement of illegal aliens across our borders; and
WHEREAS, this situation has resulted in unsecured borders, opportunities for terrorists, and a large underground economy that is reliant on the labor of illegal aliens; and
WHEREAS, the illegal alien population in the United States is estimated at over 12 million; and

Perfecto’s comments were that Hispanics would take offense to the use of “alien” and that it would be best for us to change it to immigrant. If that would have been the end of it I might have let the issue die but he then stated that the “use of alien is kin to the use on the “n” word!” WHAT!?!?!

There was consensus that we should be “a big tent” and change the language to ensure tranquility for the party…I however was outraged and herein lies my regret.

In talking with those around me who thought that changing “alien” to “immigrant” was a good thing I asked if they would be opposed to “illegal foreigner?”

They of course responded “no.”

Then I pointed out that alien is a synonym for foreigner so “illegal alien” is the right term!

I did not get up and fight for the term alien and regret this decision; in retrospect I would not have been able to change the minds of those in the hall but I would at least have a clear conscience.


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