“anticipated but not yet realized”

Firm’s billing of Racine Unified questioned

Only the RUSD would do something like this!

According to the article above Public Business Consulting Group is allowed to collect a percentage of any savings that they bring to the district. This alone I have no trouble with. Lets be honest if thy can save us a million dollars I’m willing to pay them 5-10% of the savings.

What chafes me is that they can collect on savings that have not been made!!!

There is the possibility for them to collect money on “savings” that the district will never act on!

There needs to be some accountability…I think there needs to be an audit.

Notice that the article comes from the Milwaukee JS? Good thing someone is paying attention to Racine…God forbid our own JT print such a story!!

***UPDATE From the Racine JT site: 05/08/2007: BREAKING NEWS: School Board to consider audit of consulting firm ***


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  1. Brenda on

    Fred (RDW) and I talked about these bonuses last June. I’m glad to know that somebody else is finally talking about it….



  2. gopfolk on

    Thanks Brenda! I don’t know how I missed them last June!!!

  3. Brenda on

    You’re quite welcome…

  4. Kat on

    This whole mess is so ironic. Eric Marcus talked about the problems with PBCG last year. He confronted Dr. Hicks with some questions about PBCG at a school board meeting. Dr. Hicks’ ultimate response to him was, “You’re an a#@hole.”

    I guess it just goes to show you that life works in circles and you don’t mess with karma.

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