Saturday, May 5, 2007

Well I got up this morning ready to run. Looked at the temp and saw that the weather channel was reporting it was 50 degrees…shorts weather, finally! I get dressed and head for the great outdoors.

I get out side and realize that it feels much colder than 50 degrees but I’m out here and the group will be waiting for me at 7AM so I take off.

It was a 1.5 mile run from my house to the start of our Saturday morning run…looked like it was going to be a big group today! We ended up with 18 runners and headed North on the bike trial (see running route etc here.)

Since I didn’t have a car I decided to run from 3 mile all the way up to 7 mile and go straight back to coffee at Moca Lisa on 4 1/2 mile.

The weather held out until I hit about 6 mile road…then it started to sprinkle. I love running in this type of weather! I felt great, I had to walk a few times, but still felt fantastic. Got back to the coffee shop just before the big group got there in their cars.

Total Run for the day was 8.5 miles!

Steph met me at coffee and we walked the 1.5 miles back home.

Over all a great day of running!!


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