More on Tabor Woods

I was unable to attend last nights Caledonia Board meeting but thankfully Caledonia Unplugged was there and had this to say about this year’s final decision on Tabor Woods:

Common Sense Prevails in Tabor Woods Land ProposalMore accurately, common sense prevailed by default! The final vote on a motion to apply for a DNR grant to fund ½ the purchase price of Tabor Woods died on a 3-3 tie this evening.


Voting for the motion: McCalvy, Stacey and Coutts; voting against the motion: Wanggaard, Bradley and Wishau

10) The grant would pay for ½ of the purchase of 34.25 acres, of which only 11.25 acres is usable land;



Thank you Caledonia Unplugged for your insightful commentary…I am curious why McCalvy voted on this issue? Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest on her part?


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  1. Caledonia Unplugged on

    Good question! Since this was only to apply for a grant, I wasn’t certain there would legally be a conflict. But you’re right, a conflict clearly exists with this proposal. The fact that she was the promoter of this project, voted for the grant, is a horsefarmer and stands to benefit from this land purchase – IMHO, there would be not only a conflict of interest, I would think there is also an abuse of power given she is an elected official promoting a project to her colleagues, trying to divert village funds from another project to her project, from which there could be financial gain. Not to even mention the whole Caledonia Conservancy connection.

  2. gopfolk on

    I didn’t think I’d be the only one to question that.

    Thank god it’s dead…for the year.

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