What a load of crap!!

The Journal Times had this link on their website this afternoon and I thought it was worth talking about here.

I “played” the game and found it to be fraught with left wing BS…as if there were only three choices in all of these circumstances!! Then when you choose the Best choice in some circumstances they say it is the worst.

This mentality is now being spread as fact and not the fictional tripe that it really is.

Then there is the one glaring issue that they did not talk about and which RUSD has perfected:

You are a weaselly superintendent and want to hold yet another referendum because you can’t add any better than most of the 1st graders in your school district, when do you hold the referendum?

Fall Elections are the worst choice since there will be the most voters at the polls and many will be out for purely political reasons. You would be hard pressed to find many supporters of your $1 Billion referendum to give yourself a raise.

Spring Election time is a bad choice for holding a referendum. While those that vote in the spring are at a minimum they are usually the people that are the most well informed and least likely to give you money that you will just waste.

Summer is the Best and Only time to hold a referendum. Think about it, summer is when people are not thinking about elections. You will be lucky to get 10% of the registered voters to the poll. Most who will vote in the summer will know that there is an election because they are either teachers that don’t work the summer or parents that you can scare by saying things like “sports will be cut!”

Congrats! You can now give yourself a raise, give the teachers nothing, screw the taxpayers, and continue to fail the children and NCLB!!!


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  1. Kate on

    What a load is right! Unless you answer the questions they way they want, it won’t move on. Talk about your one sided nonsense.

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