The Markets

Has anyone else noticed that Alan Greenspan seems to have more power over the economy than the current Federal Reserve Chair…um…what is his name? Oh Yeah! Ben Bernanke!
And it seems that the news media forgets as well:
March 6: Overseas Markets Bounce Back, Greenspan’s Not Finished
Reuters: Greenspan sees 1/3 probability of U.S. recession: report
March 2: Greenspan Moderates Prediction
March 1: Reuters: U.S. slump possible, not probable: Greenspan quoted
Ex-Fed chairman clarifies his remarks about U.S. recession
February 27: Argentina stocks plummet on Greenspan, U.S. economy
ALL BUSINESS: Greenspan rocks markets
February 26: U.S. could slip into recession by year-end: Greenspan
Greenspan Warns of Likely U.S. Recession
February 14: Worst of U.S. housing adjustment is over-Greenspan
January 8: U.S. economy moving upward, Greenspan quoted as saying


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  1. JD on

    More power over the economy, or more power over the markets? I woudl argue the latter is true.

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