Sad to Say…Mac is Wrong

I was rather upset by the column in Sunday’s Journal Times by Michael Burke which railed (no pun intended) against people like me who oppose KRM.

Michael is under the impression that growth that has been seen in the Mayfair and Regency areas only come by way of train. He believes that by putting in place an antiquated mode of transportation that will do nothing for our communities other than consume vast amounts of federal, state, and local tax dollars will bring about vast changes to our area. Now I see that William “Mac” McReynolds is a supporter of this monstrosity. LINK

While Mac has it right that the people of Racine don’t want to pay for this thing he is wrong that the people of the area want it.

I want Mac to force this thing to a vote. If you really think the people of Racine want this thing…put it to a vote. Put KRM as a referendum and see how it comes out.

KRM is NOT good for this area. It is NOT forward thinking.


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  1. quidnunc on

    Glad to see your post on this topic. Though I think Mac has been a great CE on most issues, I also disagree with him on this…though I must admit I’ve known (or at least thought) he has been in favor of KRM for quite sometime.

    The one thing many of our elected officials have forgotten…”fOLLOW THE MONEY” If they’d examine a little more closely who exactly (and I’m talking prominent individuals here) are the strongest proponents, they’d realize there’s a money trail. I’m not insinuating anything dark and shady, just simply that there’s a lot of money to be made if this thing happens by those behind the scenes, i.e., city planners, developers, construction companies, etc., and absolutely no accountability will be expected from these individuals or companies should KRM fall short of expectations.

    And aside from the obvious financial gains, there are companies in Racine that will now have taxpayer subsidized transit for their employees that DON’T WANT TO MOVE TO RACINE! And yes, this is taxpayer subsidized..IT’S OUR FEDERAL AND STATE TAX MONEY BEING USED, NO MATTER HOW THEY TRY TO PLAY THE SHELL GAME!

    I really believe they’re allowing pressure from these “factions” to cloud their thinking, as well as some obviously “dubious” numbers being thrown at them.

    And quite honestly, on this issue, don’t know that there is any “win” situation for elected officals…which would further speak to your proposal that this should be given to the voters via referendum. What exactly are they afraid of?

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