Name that Country

Well it looks like everyone got last weeks country right…it was…Germany!

Great job everyone!

This weeks should be a little harder…but not much harder!


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  1. gfolk on

    I’ll call it the RSA, Since last time I was picked on. HA HA HA

  2. angel-m-t on

    South Africa
    dude, you were picked on last time because of the way you worded your post. You typed the way my three year old speaks.

  3. angel-m-t on

    oh, and the dark spots are Lesotho and Swaziland

  4. gopfolk on

    I’m starting to think you are all cheating…We’ll find out in a few weeks!!

    The next two weeks are pretty easy but then…

  5. gfolk on

    wow angel-m-t is a cheater how the hell would you even know what the 2 brown spot are I thought they where lakes.

    But yet research is not cheating!!!

  6. gfolk on

    Do I win anything?? if not then its not cheating

  7. gopfolk on

    If you research and post…I consider it cheating and I’m the final arbitrator!

    This is to see how well you can do naming a country on your own. If you wish to look it up, go ahead but please refrain from posting the “RESEARCHED ANSWER” until others have had a chance.

    Do you win anything…NO…But if I believe you have cheated I can delete your post.

    Just an FYI.

  8. angel-m-t on

    I have not cheated, well not this time. I did cheat with Greenland.
    I know about Lesotho and Swaziland because, go figure, its one of the few things I remembered from my 2 college geography class.

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